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Top 5 Best Cake Stands Reviews

A cake stand makes a wedding, a party or a housewarming very colorful. The product is used to hold a cake or other meal for easy handling and sharing. Deciding the type of stand appropriate for a party is a challenging assignment. Before making a decision, it is advisable to compare a number of products. the best way to do so is by going through a number of best cake stands reviews. Here are some of the cake stands that you can consider to have at a party.

1. Anastasia Collection Square Cake Stand

Best cake stands

This product comes in a steel, handcrafted metal frame. It is decorated with authentic glass beads. It is squared shape at the top. It measures 11.5 inches on either side. It is 6.25 inches in height.


(i) it is attractive and nice looking

(ii) it can be used to hold big cakes of up to 11 inches.

(iii) it is easy to store, handle and transport


(i)it is bulk

(ii)its components calls for sensitive handling of glass

2. Pedestal Footed Cake Stand

Best cake stands

This product comes in a variety of colors: Turquoise, Poppy Red and Lemon Yellow. It can be incorporated to any occasion by simply changing the ribbons to fit the occasion. It is circular in shape at the top surface.


(i) can be used in several events

(ii) medium-sized

(iii) comes with different free ribbons


(i) it confusing and hard to keep on changing the ribbon

3.Victoria Champagne 12 Inch Metal Cake Stand.

Best cake stands

It is round in shape with a diameter of 12 inches and 6.25 inches in height. It has a detachable base.


(i) it is easy to handle and transport

(ii) it is very stable

(iii) made from 100% food safe materials


(i) continued detaching of the base makes it weak

4. Ohuhu Cake Turntable.

Best cake stands

This special cake stand is 14.3 x 14.1 x 7.3 inches in dimension. It weighs 5.45 pounds. It is silver in color.


(i) it is very attractive to the eye

(ii) it is relatively light

(iii) comes with a big base

(iv) comes in a variety of colors


(i) cleaning the product is challenging

5. Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Cake Decorating Turntable.

Best cake stands

It is characterized with a raised non-flip base that makes it very unfriendly. It is 3 in. high x 12 in. diameter. (7.6 cm x 30.4 cm diam). It also has a turntable lock, usually green and white, which made the cake steady when needed. It weighs 1.5 pound


(i) it is very light

(ii) turntable lock makes the product unique

(iii) ideal when the cake is to shared by the self-service method


(i) it is very short

(ii) cannot hold big cakes

(iii) requires regular cleaning


In conclusion, every stand has is unique characteristics. There is no perfect stand. The choice should be made solely based on the personal preference and the occasion. Wedding cake parties requires colorful and decorated stands. In house parties requires medium sized product. The above review will help you compare different stands before making an informed decision.

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